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You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
23 November 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Kay, so I just remembered this existed.  Again.  After however many months it's been.  Mainly due to mind-numbing boredom at work.  Not a soul has called for over an hour - and of course just as I finished typing that the phone rang. LOL.

I'm currently re-discovering my love of Raoul, the Big Gay Supernatural Dragon, and his inexplicable love of GOOOORRRRREEEEEEEE.  Actually, it's not so inexplicable, given that gore is what I live for.  Gore, and the hope that one day I will get to see Jensen Ackles in his birthday suit and oh my god I'm never saying nobody's calling ever again.  How, precisely, do 5 people call the same number at exactly the same time????  And why when there's quite literally nobody but me in the office?  To me, that seems a mite cruel.

OK, so, I'm giving up on the pretence of this blog and throwing in the towel.  I might remember that it exists another time when I actually have something to write except "Supernatural YAY" and "work is boring."

That is all.

~*~ k a t ~*~
How Am I, Good Question: boredbored
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
Life is a funny thing.... If I'm drunk and think something, or want it to happen... it happens.... unless its something really awesome like "I wish I had a million dollars"

I'm quite sure if I wished I had a million dollars through somebody elses misfortune, it'd happen, but as it so happens, I'm not quite that spiteful.

Yeah... That's about all I've got to say this time....

OOH! EXCEPT!!! I have collarbones again!! =D
This makes me very happy.  I haven't had collarbones for quite some time.

Yay me~

Also, I'm turning 20 soon.... This thought scares the life out of me.  Seriously.  It means I'm really gonna be a grownup. And I don't want this to happen.  Grr.

Anyhoo.. That's all.

Pip pip

~*~ k a t ~*~
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
17 December 2009 @ 02:32 pm
Miss Kat would like to die now, plz.
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
Methinks annoying-TAFE-lady is trying to make up for all the time this term that she's been absent and not!annoying, by sitting right next to me and being 20'000 times more annoying than EVER BEFORE!!!!!
*punches her in the face with my V can*

Good news! Last week of TAFE, also going to Sydney on the morrow.
Plus, I have new eps of SN, and Doctor Who. the Who ep I've had for almost a month now, but I've not watched it because that just means bringing David's inevitable leaving that much closer and I dont want that to happen.

Not so good news! I'm kinda sick... BUT I WILL BE BETTER!! Especially if I have another 22 hour sleep with buttloads of fever-induced dreams, including one with spaghetti people. THERE WERE SPAGHETTI PEOPLE, PEOPLE! And I still have work to do, BUT ITS REALLY BORING!!! ><

Guh, better get it over with otherwise I'll fail the course and this year will have been almost a complete waste.

~*~ k a t ~*~
How Am I, Good Question: nervousodd
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
19 November 2009 @ 07:16 pm
Grandma died at 10.30 this morning. Its weird.

This is usually the part where I put bucketloads of stuff saying how I'm gonna miss her and all that jazz, but I'm not going to, because all thats going through my head right now is completely unrelated to grandma. I think subconsciously I'm blocking it out until such a time as I can properly accept it and turn into a blubbering mess, like I did this morning until I pulled myself together and went back to work.

I need to keep my mind off it.


My comuter hates me.

It won't let me use explorer and the net at the same time, so I have to run the internet without explorer and run everything through task manager.

Kinda sucks.

And i slammed the monitor the other day so a connection's come loose and the screen randomly flickers on and off. Which is kinda distracting and irritating.

When I get to Kempsey, the money I make is going towards a new computer. A desktop computer. Not the desktop computer of awesome I will have one day, but a desktop computer nontheless.

I reckon I've saved enough money up for a bit while I'm in Sydney.

Going down to Sydney the weekend after this, I think. Grandma's getting buried that Monday, and if I go down early I can do the Christmas shopping I was planning on doing while I was down there and not have to make another trip.

A John Hughes died in Ryde some time this last week. I was worried,so I called RSC to make sure it wasnt Mr Hughes. Might have been the librarian though... Didn't ask cause he doesnt work there anymore,so they wouldn't have know.

~ k a t ~
How Am I, Good Question: blankblank
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
14 November 2009 @ 11:21 pm
Cue emo-blog.

CBF typing it out.

Finding solace in Pruit Igoe & Prophecies.

~*~ k a t ~*~
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
24 October 2009 @ 10:25 pm
Would really not like to be here anymore.  Is sick of it.  Is tired of being the third wheel.  Is over not being welcome.  Is fed up with the extreme lack of friends, and being judged by the ones I already have for the ones I make.

Does not want.
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
I seriously wish Tetris Friends had a boss button... Unfortunately, it doesnt, and I'm condemned to doing publisher and excel crap thats useless because we did excel in fricken year 8, and publisher is a waste of space, and one of the messiest design programs there is.  Seriously.

No more progress on my head not being roundhoused, but I'm dealing ><

And i just found skittles in the bottom of my bag.  Today seems to be improving...

Well... CWEG leaves tomorrow... Which makes me marginally sad.  but it does mean that I'll have work to do again.... Theres seriously been like to work this week, and its sorta been split between the two of us....  I think I've spent about 8 hours on the fricken Bro Code.

I need to buy more skittles. I just finished the last one that was in the bottom of my bag....  Gross, yes, but I think you'll agree that thats better than eating them off the floor of my car...  Which I have done....

This is one of the downsides of being a sugar junkie....

58 days left.


that is all.

~*~ k a t ~*~

EDIT:  My entries seem to be painfully short of late...
How Am I, Good Question: boredbored
Driver Picks the Music, and She Picks: Ladies & Gentlemen - Short Stack
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
Guh.... I really wish things'd stop rounhouse-kicking me in the fucking head.  I mean, seriously, as soon as I think I've got my head and the shit thats in it sorted, something happens and it turns around and goes "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA SUCK ON THAT BITCH! YOU'LL NEVAR WIN!* and I realise that, for the most part, I was wrong. and I kick myself.  Repeatedly.  But I keep quiet because I'm the fucking idiot that thought they knew what was going on....

Fall Out Boy are awesome.... as are Green Day.... and I'm going to see Green Day in December!! xD

that is all.

~*~ k a t ~*~
Where the Hell Are We: Not Jericho
How Am I, Good Question: blankblank
Driver Picks the Music, and She Picks: You're Crashing, But You're No Wave - Fall Out Boy
You shall NEVER discover that my real name is Kat!
Modern history is evil.  I hate Paul Keating.  I hate historians who dont know how to document facts and public reactions to pieces of legislation.  They shouldnt overwrite the reactions to and history of the old legislation, just because there have been amendments made.

Trigonometry is also evil.  If you dont understand it.  I'm beginning to, which is sort of 4 years too late...  But I'm still getting there.

I'm also considering going to TAFE and doing my entire HSC again [with different subjects of course].  Maybe.

All of this has culminated to make me realise that I really, really, really miss high school.

~*~ k a t ~*~