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23 November 2010 @ 03:04 pm
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Kay, so I just remembered this existed.  Again.  After however many months it's been.  Mainly due to mind-numbing boredom at work.  Not a soul has called for over an hour - and of course just as I finished typing that the phone rang. LOL.

I'm currently re-discovering my love of Raoul, the Big Gay Supernatural Dragon, and his inexplicable love of GOOOORRRRREEEEEEEE.  Actually, it's not so inexplicable, given that gore is what I live for.  Gore, and the hope that one day I will get to see Jensen Ackles in his birthday suit and oh my god I'm never saying nobody's calling ever again.  How, precisely, do 5 people call the same number at exactly the same time????  And why when there's quite literally nobody but me in the office?  To me, that seems a mite cruel.

OK, so, I'm giving up on the pretence of this blog and throwing in the towel.  I might remember that it exists another time when I actually have something to write except "Supernatural YAY" and "work is boring."

That is all.

~*~ k a t ~*~
How Am I, Good Question: boredbored
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