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17 April 2010 @ 01:01 am
She's a killer queen. Gunpowder, guilotine, dynamite with a lazer beam, anything to blow your mind  
Life is a funny thing.... If I'm drunk and think something, or want it to happen... it happens.... unless its something really awesome like "I wish I had a million dollars"

I'm quite sure if I wished I had a million dollars through somebody elses misfortune, it'd happen, but as it so happens, I'm not quite that spiteful.

Yeah... That's about all I've got to say this time....

OOH! EXCEPT!!! I have collarbones again!! =D
This makes me very happy.  I haven't had collarbones for quite some time.

Yay me~

Also, I'm turning 20 soon.... This thought scares the life out of me.  Seriously.  It means I'm really gonna be a grownup. And I don't want this to happen.  Grr.

Anyhoo.. That's all.

Pip pip

~*~ k a t ~*~