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19 November 2009 @ 07:16 pm
No song title today  
Grandma died at 10.30 this morning. Its weird.

This is usually the part where I put bucketloads of stuff saying how I'm gonna miss her and all that jazz, but I'm not going to, because all thats going through my head right now is completely unrelated to grandma. I think subconsciously I'm blocking it out until such a time as I can properly accept it and turn into a blubbering mess, like I did this morning until I pulled myself together and went back to work.

I need to keep my mind off it.


My comuter hates me.

It won't let me use explorer and the net at the same time, so I have to run the internet without explorer and run everything through task manager.

Kinda sucks.

And i slammed the monitor the other day so a connection's come loose and the screen randomly flickers on and off. Which is kinda distracting and irritating.

When I get to Kempsey, the money I make is going towards a new computer. A desktop computer. Not the desktop computer of awesome I will have one day, but a desktop computer nontheless.

I reckon I've saved enough money up for a bit while I'm in Sydney.

Going down to Sydney the weekend after this, I think. Grandma's getting buried that Monday, and if I go down early I can do the Christmas shopping I was planning on doing while I was down there and not have to make another trip.

A John Hughes died in Ryde some time this last week. I was worried,so I called RSC to make sure it wasnt Mr Hughes. Might have been the librarian though... Didn't ask cause he doesnt work there anymore,so they wouldn't have know.

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